A better way to make bikes.

Combine linkages, geometry, and springs setup to see exactly what the rider feels. Get the whole picture in seconds, from anywhere.

Geometry Layout

Quickly layout and compare bike geometries. Instant updates as linked values change and new measures for assessing complete bike fit.


Linkage Synthesis

Create complex linkages with a simple connection based interface. Ditch the graphical approximations with a precise force-based solving engine.


Spring Setup

Stop looking at just leverage. Load springs, configure your setup, and use defined metrics to evaluate real world performance.

Advanced Tools for Modern Bikes.

Get better results with powerful cloud based tools. Search and load bikes instantly, adjust parameters and compare between designs using results that account for more than just vertical leverage.

Check the Tech
Simplified syn app interface image showing the loading and modifying of bikes
First Coil Shock Example

Better Metrics.

Leverage isn't enough. Shock pressures, linkage progression, and volume spacer configurations all impact what the rider feels. Look at the end results directly using wheel forces, wheel rates, and energy absorption. Review how different springs will work with your linkage configuration before making any parts.

Compare in seconds, anywhere.

Load up to 20 different bike configurations to look at different linkages, geometries, frame sizes, versions, spring setups and rider properties.

Reference the default template database, private projects, and centralized team data storage from anywhere with a secure, cloud based solution.

Simplified syn leverage app user interface showing many curves being loaded
File folders being moved to represent the different syn databases

Keep Organized.

Syn gives you the tools to label, version, and search large filesets quickly. View all your files through the management dashboard.

Public, private, and team databases allow you to easily access templates, keep conceptual work outside the production workflow, and provide master copies to everyone in the team database.

Public Database

Everyone can load and view built in templates for any bike configuration along with a library of common air springs. Get started quickly with any suspension layout.

Private Database

Create and save an unlimited number of bikes and springs to your private account storage. Keep organized with hyper fast searching and item versioning. Load and compare with bikes from other databases.

Team Database

Central storage for your team. Allow members to load, view, and edit your teams data from anywhere. Control access with user-level permissions and the team management dashboard.


Syn is committed to keeping your data secure. All user data is encrypted while in transit and at rest using ISO and SOC certified Google Cloud Services. User databases are secured using class-leading AES 256 bit encryption.

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